Peru Cepro Yanesha Washed G1 (Japanese Roast)

Peru Cepro Yanesha Washed G1 (Japanese Roast)

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Peru Cepro Yanesha Washed G1 (Japanese Roast/Washed Process) from the homes of the protected ancient Indiana indigenous people, high altitude coffee plantation
  • Variety: Bourbon
  • Grade: G1
  • Process:washed process
  • Harvest:man-made gather
  • 36 Aromas in coffee: roasted almonds, caramel, apple, honey

Cepro Yanesha Cooperative is located in Villa Rica, administratively belonging to Oxapampa province, geographically located between Oxapampa province and Chanchamayo province. It is the highest point in America, located to the east of central Andes range, and has a huge land area with rich biodiversity.

The coffee farm is situated at an altitude of 1200-1800m, home to a variety of plants and animals and has a cool climate. Cepro Yanesha Cooperative partners with small farms found in the vicinity of Villa Rica, and provides professional technological assistance and training, and only selectively harvests ripe cherries. It also holds regular conferences with partnering farmers.

It hopes to improve the income of farmers through education and various other methods, and is a strong advocate for human rights and the environment.