PANAMA Hacienda La Esmeralda Private Collection Geisha Washed

PANAMA Hacienda La Esmeralda Private Collection Geisha Washed

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PANAMA La Esmeralda Geisha Washed (Medium Light Roast)

If it is your first foray into the world of specialty coffee, you must definitely try out this legendary coffee variety.

Since it is named Geisha coffee, is it from Japan? In reality, this coffee variety is not related to the Japanese Geisha culture at all. This coffee variety is originally named “Gesha” by locals and later became more commonly known as Geisha coffee.

Geisha was a wild coffee variety found in the southwestern part of Ethiopia. In 1963, it was brought to a coffee estate in Panama’s Boquete region. Due to its low production quantity and tall trees, it was planted beside the coffee estate to protect the coffee from strong winds.

2004 was the year that changed the history of Geisha.

In that year, the son of the owner of the coffee estate combed through the entire estate for good coffee to enter the nationwide coffee competition with. That was when he stumbled upon Geisha coffee.

During the competition, Geisha clinched the top position with its strong and complex flavour. Amazed by the coffee, one of the judges even described it as “God in a cup”. Following that, it maintained its top title for four consecutive years.

In coffee auctioning, Geisha has also broken the record for the highest bid several times.

Compared to Panama’s typical coffee flavours, Geisha’s distinctive flavour always manages to leave a deep impression – filled with jasmine floral scent, coupled with fruity tanginess and sweetness of tangerine, lemon and honey, in a clean and light texture.

Due to its light acidity that is not bitter and overwhelming floral and fruity fragrance, it’s no wonder that some have commented that it is a coffee that is uncharacteristic of coffee.

As a coffee lover like yourself, you certainly must give Geisha a try.