Guatemala Huehuetenango Maya (Medium Roast)

Guatemala Huehuetenango Maya (Medium Roast)

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Guatemala Huehuetenango Maya (Medium Roast/Washed Process)

Small farmers' harvest in the renowned high-altitude Huehuetango region

  • Process :  washed process
  • Growing Region: Huehuetenango
  • Soil Type:lime soil
  • Harvest:man-made gather
  • 36 Aromas in coffee :  blackcurrant, creamy, malt, maple, almond, dark chocolate

Guatemala is located in Central America. The country has many mountains and highlands formed as a result of volcanic activity. Guatemala is one of the top 9 coffee-producing nations. There are mainly 8 regions producing coffee, including the well-known and popular Huehuetenango which is found in northern Guatemala. The famous Injerto coffee estate is found in this region and has been crowned numerous times at the Cup Of Excellence (C.O.E).

Huehuetenango is situated along the Sierra de los Cuchumatanes mountain range, where the highest point in Central America is found at 4,000 meters above ground. The soil is composed of sandy limestone instead of volcanic soil, and annual temperatures are 20 to 24 Degrees Celsius on average. The soil is rich in nutrients and rainfall is abundant, with dry hot winds blowing from Mexico. There are no avalanches and due to the special valley terrain, every region has unique and varying microclimates. As Huehuetenango is rather inaccessible and most coffee farmers are small farmers, to maintain the flavours and quality of the coffee, we have opted to use the mixed harvesting method by first selecting the high quality coffee from various small farmers and then subsequently combining and processing them.