Costa Rica Canet Musician Series - Bach (Medium Light Roast)

Costa Rica Canet Musician Series - Bach (Medium Light Roast)

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Costa Rica Canet Musician Series - Bach (Medium Light Roast/Raisin Honey)

Strong and sharp fruity fragrance, scent of berries with a hint of wineyness

  • Growing Region: Tarrazu
  • Altitude:1,800-1,900m
  • Variety: Caturra
  • Soil Type: volcano soil
  • Grade: SHB
  • Process:raisin honey process
  • Harvest:man-made gather
  • 36 Aromas in coffee :  black currant, lemon citrus, dark chocolate, honey and butter caramel

Canet is situated at the point of highest altitude in Costa Rica's Tarrazu coffee plantation. The region is densely populated with fruit plantations mainly growing the passion fruit. Hence coffee plants are few and far between as they can only be planted in a specific area where special care is given and only ripened red coffee cherries are selected.

This coffee uses raisin honey processing technique which is a two-step honey fermentation method. The coffee cherries are first sun-dried into raisins before removing the skins for honey fermentation. This results in a richer fermentation aroma and enables longer preservation of the pectin as compared to other honey processing techniques. This 100% pectin honey processing technique confers the coffee with a strong raisin flavour. This method of processing increases sweetness while allowing the coffee to have the taste and balanced sourness of white wine.